[FFmpeg-devel] XBMC - another project using FFmpeg

Andreas Setterlind gamester17
Sat Feb 23 15:33:46 CET 2008

On 2/23/08, Benjamin Zores <ben at geexbox.org> wrote:
> Ok tried it and it's really AWESOME.

Glad you like it :) ...I think that as XBMC is meant to run as a dedicated
media-center similar to a set-top-box with the XBMC GUI as the only
interface to the computer someone who are used to Linux and the Gnome or KDE
(or shell) interface might find XBMC a bit Xbox'ish or MCE'ish. However
skinning-engine is really the price champion of XBMC, it allows a 'skinner'
to fully change not only the layout and skin-theme but also the navigation.
So the beauty of the XBMC GUI is really; if you do not like it you can
change it in XML without previous programming experience.

On 2/23/08, Benjamin Zores <ben at geexbox.org> wrote:

> while you claims it's GPL, I really can't see how
> (except from XBMC original code).
> Looking at the so called "sources" in SVN, there are only binary .so files
> !
> system/players/dvdplayer/avformat-51-i486-linux.so
> system/players/dvdplayer/postproc-51-i486-linux.so

I admit that our SVN is it very well structured, but all the source code is
there I assure you. The source code of most third-party libraries have
simply been compressed into a ZIP or RAR and are located in the "docs"
section of the SVN, while others that are actively being developed on a
daily basis (like XBMC's DVDPlayer, which you specifically mentioned) are
located in the "sources" section of the SVN:

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