[FFmpeg-devel] XBMC - another project using FFmpeg

Benjamin Zores ben
Sat Feb 23 14:01:55 CET 2008

Andreas Setterlind a ?crit :
> On 2/22/08, Benjamin Zores <ben at geexbox.org> wrote:

> However, XBMC for Linux is still pre-alpha today so it might not be
> quite ready for general use, but we will probably officially
> reclassify it as being in alpha-stage relatively soon, and we are also
> currently discussing if creating a PPA package for it to host
> launchpad.net is be a good idea or not, (it would allow 'normal'
> people to download XBMC for Linux precompiled via apt get for black
> box testing on Ubuntu). Later when we think XBMC is getting close to
> the beta stage then we will try to work on a LiveCD/LiveUSB of our own
> for release with the first beta version of XBMC for Linux.
> Sorry for ranting on about XBMC, I will now stop the non-FFmpeg part
> of this discussion, I promise :)

Ok tried it and it's really AWESOME.
Just a bit too much XboX related for the Linux version but it's a minor 
nitpick. It just works pretty fine.

Also, while you claims it's GPL, I really can't see how
(except from XBMC original code).
Looking at the so called "sources" in SVN, there are only binary .so files !


Same goes for every other project you've imported.
That doesn't sound really "legal" to me.

But I agree that, from a feature point of view, I'm really impressed ;-)


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