[FFmpeg-devel] Stream h264 with FEC

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Tue Feb 19 18:54:16 CET 2008


Fce.Valeins wrote:
>>>>> I have upload a sample file h264_rtp_stream_with_fec.raw in the ftp
>>>>> server upload.mplayerhq.hu.
>>>> Since I see the word "rtp" in it, I am interested in this sample...
>>>> But I do not know how to access samples stored in upload.mplayerhq.hu
>>>> (I tried to log on the ftp server and to do a "get
>>> h264_rtp_stream_with_fec.raw",
>>>> but it did not work). Is there a standard procedure to get such samples?
>>> You can download it here http://www.zshare.net/download/781125504afb51/

Thanks, I downloaded it and had a look.

> Thanks, I have download wireshark and for rtp it use rtpdump. What is
> the best format for dump rtp with rtpdump ?
> In the help of rtpdump I have the choice between
> format : hex|ascii|rtcp|short|payload|dump|header
> Usage: ./rtpdump [-F [hex|ascii|rtcp|short|payload|dump|header] [-t
> minutes] [-o outputfile] [-f inputfile] [-x bytes] [multicast]/port > file
> Tonight I will try the dump format of rtpdump tool

After looking at the file, I do not think a network dump is needed: I
checked the TS continuity counter, and there are no discontinuities
corresponding to the video artefacts. So, I believe packet loss is
not the issue.

I think that the problem is not due to RTP, but to the fact that the
video stream uses some H.264 feature that is not fully supported by
libavcodec. I do not know the H.264 codec enough to help, sorry...


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