[FFmpeg-devel] HELP

kenye kenyeby
Tue Feb 19 03:18:14 CET 2008

Dear All,
    I am an engineering for a Computer-maker company.
We have a project about the multi-video-codec project.
It is a hardware and software co-design project.
We try to provide hardware accelerater for all video-codecs.
The target will be low cost and low power consumption.
It will support FULL HD (60hz, 1920x1080p). It can decode 
and encoder at the same time. Besides, it can encode/decode more than 
4 streams.  Do you instersted in it ?

All We needs is software for hardware accelerater.
We will do the hardware verification in FPGA , June, 2008.
thanks for a lot.


?????????Yahoo!??????2.0????????????? http://tw.mg0.mail.yahoo.com/dc/landing

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