[FFmpeg-devel] DVCPRO HD: request for review

Roman V. Shaposhnik rvs
Sun Aug 17 20:06:39 CEST 2008

I would like to start integrating the support for DVCPRO HD and
the first patch is for the decoder. There's a couple of things
I would like to note about it:
   0. It turned out to be quite different compared to what Dan
      has originally submitted.
   1. There's a trick I play with 720p formats in order to workaround
      the braindead spec that says -- a single DV frame has two
      complete progressive 720p frames. The trick is based on the
      observation I made: last 2 DV channels (2,3) can be treated as
      a separate DV frame if you're willing to compensate for a vertical
      displacement of odd ones. Thus the trick is 100% safe with
      raw DV and it seems that most DV authoring tools are writing these
      half-frames when the output is something like .mov anyway.
   2. The new set of tables is added. I would like to proceed with
      adding them first and them trying to figure out whether an
      alternative technique (such as generating tables on the fly, etc.)
      is feasible.

That's pretty much it. Please review and let me know what should be 
polished before I commit it.

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