[FFmpeg-devel] question about MG1264!

bun bun binhlh86
Tue Apr 22 20:11:28 CEST 2008

I have read your product and I find that we have some in common.
Firstly,I intend to use the MG1264 H.264 Video Coprocessor to encode and decode video sequence based on H.264 CODEC.
Secondly,I also develop our product on linux kernel.
But the biggest difficulty existing at the moment is that we can not have the datasheet of the processor,
therefor I will be very grateful if you share the datasheet.Please send it to me!
Thank you indeed!

We (Linux Media Labs) are looking into development of MPEG4 part 10
(H264)codec (full duplex) PCI card for Linux based on MG1264 chip. This
will be 100% hardware audio and video real-time coder/decoder board.

We managed to get agreement with chip vendor that allows us to
distribute linux kernel device drivers under GNU/GPL license for Linux
products based on MG1264 chip. 

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