[FFmpeg-devel] installing shared libraries fails after SVN 12598

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Thu Apr 3 12:50:35 CEST 2008

Dennis Volodomanov wrote:

>> He means that although your reply had the same Subject line as the
>> message you were responding to, it did not have an In-Reply-To
>> header, and so it appears as the beginning of a new thread in any
>> mail client which understands how to do threads properly (i.e.,
>> just about every mail client except for Outlook Express and
>> possibly Outlook).
> Ok, but I can't find how to set this up in Outlook 2007 which I'm
> using at work. It's a pain to use as-is (slow and bloated), without
> causing troubles for others, so if you know where I can turn this on,
> I'd appreciate it and I think that this would also help others who
> might be suffering the same without even realizing it.

Unfortunately, I can't help on this point; I've never seen Outlook 2007
in person, and what I have to use at work is Outlook 2003, which (at
least as installed there) seems to send messages with the proper header
by default. It seems unlikely to me that they would have had support in
the 2003 version and not in the 2007, but I can't entirely rule it out.

Most likely, the next suggestion would be for you to create a separate
mail account (probably Webmail of some type) for these mailing lists, if
you cannot configure correct behaviour in your mail client. This is more
work and less convenience for you, and I can understand if you aren't
interested in doing it (I loathe Web-based E-mail myself), but the
developers are not necessarily terribly sympathetic on these points.

Further discussion of this particular topic should probably be taken
offlist, since it is no longer relevant to the development of FFmpeg...

    The Wanderer

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