[FFmpeg-devel] installing shared libraries fails after SVN 12598

Dennis Volodomanov dennis.volodomanov
Thu Apr 3 04:45:20 CEST 2008

> He means that although your reply had the same Subject line as the
> message you were responding to, it did not have an In-Reply-To header,
> and so it appears as the beginning of a new thread in any mail client
> which understands how to do threads properly (i.e., just about every
> mail client except for Outlook Express and possibly Outlook).

Ok, but I can't find how to set this up in Outlook 2007 which I'm using
at work. It's a pain to use as-is (slow and bloated), without causing
troubles for others, so if you know where I can turn this on, I'd
appreciate it and I think that this would also help others who might be
suffering the same without even realizing it.

> above. Better than bottom-posting is interleaved posting, of which
> message (like almost every other reply posted to this mailing list) is
> an example.

Understood :)


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