[FFmpeg-devel] Bounties?

Piero Bugoni crboca32
Thu May 24 20:11:37 CEST 2007

Basically, regarding money holding, etc, trusts can be
set up, and executors appointed. Lawyers can certainly
do this, and the cost of this type of thing is
generally low, basically because the process involves
mostly filing paperwork, then its done. It is not like
prosecuting an entire case from beginning to end,
including appeals, that can drag on for years.
However, in America, at least, people can set up
trusts for  themselves, and many pre-prepared forms
are published for doing just that.

Also a regular bank account can be set up. As far as I
know, any person in the world can presumably deposit
money into any bank account in the world. (Banks will
always take money, and the account holders would
probably be happy to have it). It's the withdrawals
that they are more particular about. How many of you
have a restriction on your bank accounts prohibiting
deposits from others?

Accounts can be set up to have joint-holdership. That
is, 2 or more signers must authorize a withdrawl.

Certainly, any bounty deposits can be done by mail.
Even an anonymous party could potentially mail a
check, or money order to a bank. Likewise, a check,
money order, or otherwise could be sent by mail to the
bounty-winner. If this is unsafe, Western Union is all
over this planet. A person must show up with ID, and
sign. A picture is taken, and a receipt generated for
the issuer. If the recipient has no ID, a code-word
challenge can be used.

So, some of the lead developers, (I suggest a
triumvirate), must collaborate and manage this.
Receipt and disbursement of funds is secondary to

This applies to US donors at least: If a 503c
non-profit corporation is set up, donations are
tax-deductible. This is a real incentive to
individuals and corporations to donate money.
Sometimes millions. Actively soliciting such funds
generates millions, if not billions of Dollars in
donations in America each year. (Get that pretentious
fuck Bono to pony up some dough for this iPod issue.
Starving ffmpeg developers all over the world need
them. One less pair of sunglasses would surely cover

Similarly, (in US), if either this group, or any of
its developers provide a product or service to any
business, that business can deduct the cost of it as a
business expense. (For example: A company makes DVD's,
you give them a Linux box with ffmpeg installed, then
you log in from your home in Antarctica, and configure
it for them. You bill them, they deduct the cost of
this from their income for that fiscal period). A
party or group may or may not need to be incorporated,
or licensed to do such business, depending on the

As for the banking option, if anyone here is from
Switzerland, perhaps you can check your local market
for answers.

My $10.00 donation is still waiting.


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