[FFmpeg-devel] Bounties?

Robert Swain robert.swain
Thu May 24 14:41:24 CEST 2007

On 24 May 2007, at 07:33, V?ctor Paesa wrote:
>>> I should clarify that I think that the -ipod idea
>>> (or probably a profile system)
> Takis submitted a profile system that could be resurrected/ 
> incorporated
> into ffmpeg.
>>> is a good idea, though not a significant
>>> enough task for a
>>> bounty. It would probably be more suited as a
>>> qualifier task to
>>> determine if a prospective coder would be good
>>> enough to take on a
>>> proper bounty task, which would be much more
>>> complicated.
> Bounty could be acommodated: small task, small bounty.

Right, and I'd be interested in bounties, small or large. I had some  
ideas about bounties/donations and I intend to discuss them a bit  
further at LinuxTag with interested parties. Basically outside any  
official administration, there needs to be defined methods of  
donation/setting bounties (there's no reason why a very desirable  
feature couldn't receive a higher bounty than a much larger task if  
individuals want to donate for one feature but distributing general  
donations needs some more thought) and deciding completion of a task  
such that payment should be made. That is if it is to proceed into  
some organised administration rather than third parties firing off  
bounties as it is currently. If there's no reason for centralising  
the process then it may as well remain as is. :)

>> This sounds fine, but while we are on the subject, and
>> since I do not know, what are the codec and storage
>> parameters used by iPods? Is ffmpeg currently unable
>> to produce such output? Is the goal to load and manage
>> the  iPod with ffmpeg, or simply to produce a file
>> that can be loaded on an iPod using iTunes, or some
>> other program?
>> iTunes will use mp3's but first converts them to AAC,
>> right? I do not know about the video iPod, but
>> wouldn't it accept the same formats that Apple
>> publishes on their movie-trailer page?
> In theory yes, but it should be tested on the real hardware.
> May I suggest (I'm not offering it) an iPod as bounty for
> the developer/tester?

I'm currently accepting iPods, PSPs, AppleTVs, PS3s or anything else  
to test video compatibility... ;)


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