[FFmpeg-devel] Bounties?

Víctor Paesa wzrlpy
Thu May 24 08:33:02 CEST 2007


>> I should clarify that I think that the -ipod idea
>> (or probably a profile system)

Takis submitted a profile system that could be resurrected/incorporated
into ffmpeg.

>> is a good idea, though not a significant
>> enough task for a
>> bounty. It would probably be more suited as a
>> qualifier task to
>> determine if a prospective coder would be good
>> enough to take on a
>> proper bounty task, which would be much more
>> complicated.

Bounty could be acommodated: small task, small bounty.

> This sounds fine, but while we are on the subject, and
> since I do not know, what are the codec and storage
> parameters used by iPods? Is ffmpeg currently unable
> to produce such output? Is the goal to load and manage
> the  iPod with ffmpeg, or simply to produce a file
> that can be loaded on an iPod using iTunes, or some
> other program?
> iTunes will use mp3's but first converts them to AAC,
> right? I do not know about the video iPod, but
> wouldn't it accept the same formats that Apple
> publishes on their movie-trailer page?

In theory yes, but it should be tested on the real hardware.
May I suggest (I'm not offering it) an iPod as bounty for
the developer/tester?


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