[FFmpeg-devel] Bounties?

Piero Bugoni crboca32
Thu May 24 08:04:28 CEST 2007

--- Justin <ffmpeg at hottub.ca> wrote:

> Hi.
> I'm wondering if the ffmpeg development team
> supports the idea of 
> soliciting bounties in order to encourage new
> features for ffmpeg.


You must work long hours for no pay, hacking away at
mindless problems that no ordinary humans could
possibly comprehend, much less solve, living only on
snack foods, caffeine, street drugs, and the
occasional donut.  

> I know that Google supports open source initiatives
> by sponsoring 
> programmers to work with open-source teams, and I've
> benefited from 
> their generosity.  

Google stock is currently selling for over $400.00 per
share. ffmpeg stock has not yet reached that point. I
, however, am working on building the ffmpeg-plex.
(Right now it's my living room.) Benefitted? Really?
Like how much, anyway?  

> I'd like to see improvements in FFmpeg (like a "-f
> iPod" parameter 
> which sets defaults to be iPod/AppleTV compatible)
> and would be happy 
> to contribute financially to help make that happen,
> as I'm simply not 
> skilled enough to contribute useful code to the
> project.

The "iPod," like the Internet, is just a passing fad.
There is no point in coding to it. As far as I
understand, this group is currently focussed on
rolling out the Univac port. They have managed to
overcome the limitations of Hg delay-line registers by
implementing some features from CP/M.

Seriously, though, regarding your iPod request, is
there no way to do such a thing with existing
codecs/containers? If so, then maybe a simpler answer
is to use a filename extension, like .pod, .ipod, or
whatever. ffmpeg sets default codec parameters for
some  formats like .mp3, .mpg, .avi, and .flv,
depending on the filename extension chosen for the
output file. (I do not have an iPod yet, since I am
not cool enough to own one. However I hear that Bono
is working on a program to put an iPod in the hand of
every starving kid in Africa. Perhaps you can get him
to donate one to ffmpeg). 

That being said, if you know what codecs, and storage
formats an iPod uses, if ffmpeg can already produce
output for iPods, A section could be added to the
documentation to address the use of ffmpeg with iPods.


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