[FFmpeg-devel] [DOC] FFSERVER Configuration Files.

Piero Bugoni ffmpeg.devel
Mon Jul 30 02:11:19 CEST 2007

> we need a proper diff, not files in a tar.gz or
> 1 diff per file in a tar gz
> we need a single diff adding all files AND modifying
> the tex source from
> which the docs are generated
> basically
> patch -p0/p1 <yourpatch
> should be all that is needed to apply it

Thanks Micahel.

However, the conf files are new, (no previous files).
The only page that will be modified is this one:


This Line:
"sample ffserver configuration file"

Will be changed to:
"sample ffserver configuration files"

And a new page placed below it explaining things. (I
am writing that and will submit it.)

The documentation.html page from the website is not in
the source.

As for the conf files, there are seven of them. Shall
I submit the diffs inline in the message, or as
plain-text attachments? Should I post seven messages,
or put them all in one message?

Is it as simple as `cat` all the diffs into one file,
then put that in the message body? 

(It will be a long message).


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