[FFmpeg-devel] $250 to fix FLV cutting bug

Cyrus A lists
Tue Jul 17 23:08:54 CEST 2007

Cyrus A wrote:
> Piero Bugoni wrote:
>>> I'm trying to cut a small portion out of a larger
>>> FLV file. I have an 
>>> FLV file that is 156 seconds long. The command...
>>> ffmpeg -ss 6 -t 100 -y -vcodec copy -acodec copy -i 
>>> /home/cyrus/Desktop/test.flv
>>> /home/cyrus/Desktop/cut.flv
>>> ...should create a file that is 94 seconds long
>>> (seeking 6 seconds, 
>>> duration for 100 seconds). Instead, it creates a
>>> file 150 seconds long. 
>>> That is, it seems to be seeking for 6 seconds, then
>>> giving me the rest 
>>> of the clip. Any ideas why that's happening?
>> Maybe the -ss and -t options are exclusive of each
>> other.
>> Have you tries the -vframes option? If you know the
>> number of frames you want, try specifying that, and
>> maybe it will give you just the frames you want.
>> This probably belongs in ffmpeg.user.
>> If I figure it out for you, I'll post it there.
>> P.
> Thanks for taking a look. I don't think this belongs on ffmpeg-user. I 
> use the "-ss seek -t duration" combo extensively on other file formats 
> (mostly DivX 5.0 MPEG-4 AVI) and it works great (99% of the time). There 
> is obviously a bug here with FLVs.
> I'll let you know if I get any private responses and find a fix.
> Cyrus

The donation is now $250 to fix the bug.

Sorry to turn this list into elance.com. Look at it as further evidence 
of ffmpeg's commercial viability!



Again, the question at hand is getting the following command form to 
work with FLV files:

ffmpeg -ss begintime -t duration -i inputflashfile.flv -acodec copy 
-vcodec copy outputflashfile.flv

Thanks for your help.

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