[FFmpeg-devel] hundred bucks to fix FLV cutting

Cyrus A lists
Tue Jul 17 03:44:07 CEST 2007

Piero Bugoni wrote:
>> I'm trying to cut a small portion out of a larger
>> FLV file. I have an 
>> FLV file that is 156 seconds long. The command...
>> ffmpeg -ss 6 -t 100 -y -vcodec copy -acodec copy -i 
>> /home/cyrus/Desktop/test.flv
>> /home/cyrus/Desktop/cut.flv
>> ...should create a file that is 94 seconds long
>> (seeking 6 seconds, 
>> duration for 100 seconds). Instead, it creates a
>> file 150 seconds long. 
>> That is, it seems to be seeking for 6 seconds, then
>> giving me the rest 
>> of the clip. Any ideas why that's happening?
> Maybe the -ss and -t options are exclusive of each
> other.
> Have you tries the -vframes option? If you know the
> number of frames you want, try specifying that, and
> maybe it will give you just the frames you want.
> This probably belongs in ffmpeg.user.
> If I figure it out for you, I'll post it there.
> P.

Thanks for taking a look. I don't think this belongs on ffmpeg-user. I 
use the "-ss seek -t duration" combo extensively on other file formats 
(mostly DivX 5.0 MPEG-4 AVI) and it works great (99% of the time). There 
is obviously a bug here with FLVs.

I'll let you know if I get any private responses and find a fix.


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