[FFmpeg-devel] H.264 interlaced PAFF development and donations

Neil Terry neil
Mon Jul 2 18:36:04 CEST 2007

As some of you are aware the lack of interlaced PAFF support in the
H.264 decoder is becoming an increasingly painful problem. Hardware
H.264 manufacturers have begun mandating the use of PAFF at all times.
For example Tandberg in their new 8000 series of encoders no longer
allows users to disable PAFF encoding when using H.264.

The situation will become dire sooner than later as encoder
manufacturers stop selling the older generation (non-PAFF or PAFF
optional) encoders and customers begin demanding the newer generation
(PAFF mandatory) encoders with their advanced features such as
sub-second delay encoding.

Could the developers knowlegable in this area discuss the scope of
development needed to add PAFF support, and time required to do this.

Finally my company is prepared to offer a donation (>$2500) to help spur
PAFF development and make it a project priority. I'm sure many others
who find themselves in the same situation would donate as well.

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