[Ffmpeg-devel] New Video Codec for low grunt embedded CPU's

Steven Johnson sjohnson
Tue Mar 21 13:04:04 CET 2006

Alex Beregszaszi wrote:

>>the reference implementations, which these will be, will all be GPL. 
>Please make it LGPL so it can be enabled by the default distribution in
>FFmpeg. As FFmpeg is licensed under LGPL, while some codecs are GPL,
>which are only enabled in case of the user requests it with --enable-gpl
>while configuring.
The problem is if I use NRV it has to be GPL, because NRV is GPL. 

Its possible that I could re-implement the NRV decoders and make those
LGPL.  So that would make it an LGPL decoder, but a GPL encoder.  I
wouldnt want to re-implement the encoder, as thats a lot more work, and
seems like re-inventing the wheel to suit people that want to statically
link.  The decoders are actually quite simple.  The NRV encoding code is
quite torturous, and ive never really gotten my head around the
algorithms being used.  (But then again, compression isnt an area I
claim to be an expert in).


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