[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: How to compile ffmpeg with faac support onWindows?

Lars Blumberg Lars.Blumberg
Wed Mar 15 14:11:38 CET 2006

> Ehmmm.... make is telling you here it doesn't know what you mean with
> "install". That is way before any actual processing by your compiler,
> linker or whatever.
> It looks like the make you use doesn't fully understand the makefiles
> used by ffmpeg, or that you don't use the proper makefile (I don't know,
> does ffmpeg have special makefiles for non-unix?).

I am using MinGW/MSys to run the "make" command.
I do NOT use  FFMPEGs makefile. I run the makefile for FAAC to compile the 
FFMPEG library after that.

But it doesn't work.

Any suggestions?

Best regards

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