[Ffmpeg-devel] [ bug ] converting png to dv gives solid black

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Mar 15 07:17:39 CET 2006

Gary Corcoran wrote:
> Actually, my (admittedly limited) perspective is that S-Video is rather
> common in the U.S. these days, and most people, if they know anything about
> video at all, know to prefer an S-Video connection over the composite one.
> That's not to say that the 'average' consumer knows that, but a lot do,
> especially if they bother to read the manuals.  ;-)

	S-video is the most sophisticated input my TV (purchased in 2000) 
takes. It's the input I use for my Nintendo Gamecube, the latest game 
console I have. Interestingly, the earliest Gamecubes supported 
component video. Support was removed in later models since it seems no 
one cared, and the unit was probably cost-reduced as a result.

> Yes, and I think Joe Average is impressed enough by DVD's playing over
> non-HDTV's (compared to broadcast and/or lousy analog cable signals)
> that they don't want to spend thousands of $$ for HDTVs.

	Check this out: I once had this techno-elitist colleague who bragged 
about his giant, widescreen TV and its amazing image quality. Imagine 
how hard we laughed when the even bigger elitist visited his place, 
watched a DVD on the TV and realized that the super-duper TV was 
misconfigured and displaying a sub-optimal image! It was down-converting 
and then up-converting or something like that.

	I guess the moral is that it actually takes education to understand 
what consitutes a "good" A/V experience, and you have to care enough to 
go through with the learning process.

> digital displays, _might not_ be the best way to convince consumers to
> spend lots of money on something that won't look any better than DVDs
> currently do on the millions of "older" HDTVs out there already...

	Apparently, a huge issue the electronics retailers have had in 
attempting to move HDTVs and that they don't have much compelling 
content to demo with. DVDs? Of course, they're going to look the same as 
on the current gen TVs. The stores have to make sure they have some 
decent HD material handy, and also convince the buyer that they need to 
get access to similar content to make the HD worthwhile.

	-Mike Melanson

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