[Ffmpeg-devel] [ bug ] converting png to dv gives solid black

Gary Corcoran gcorcoran
Wed Mar 15 06:32:07 CET 2006

Mike Melanson wrote:
> Erik Slagter wrote:
>>> Oh yes, anything other than RF and composite is rare in NTSC-land.
>> Ouch, you're kidding me!? Do American viewers not care at all about
>> picture quality?

Actually, my (admittedly limited) perspective is that S-Video is rather
common in the U.S. these days, and most people, if they know anything about
video at all, know to prefer an S-Video connection over the composite one.
That's not to say that the 'average' consumer knows that, but a lot do,
especially if they bother to read the manuals.  ;-)

>     For the most part, if the consumers perceive a technology as being 
> "good enough", they don't care about spending a lot of money to upgrade. 
> When the old TVs finally give out and it is time to buy a new TV and the 
> default, low-end option is an HDTV, maybe then we'll see wider adoption.

Yes, and I think Joe Average is impressed enough by DVD's playing over
non-HDTV's (compared to broadcast and/or lousy analog cable signals)
that they don't want to spend thousands of $$ for HDTVs.

>     I can't wait to see the industry try to push the next-generation of 
> optical media (HD-DVD and Blu-Ray).

Yeah, it should be interesting to see how it plays out, given the at least
initially high costs.  An interesting news article today, here:
which basically says that many of the major studies are getting a clue
that turning on the Image Constraint Token, to *downgrade* the output of
expensive Blu-Ray/HD-DVD players (not to mention I'm-sure-to-be-expensive
video discs) when outputting to analog and/or non-HDCP (protected/encrypted)
digital displays, _might not_ be the best way to convince consumers to
spend lots of money on something that won't look any better than DVDs
currently do on the millions of "older" HDTVs out there already...


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