[Ffmpeg-devel] [ bug ] converting png to dv gives solid black

Dieter ffmpeg
Mon Mar 13 09:49:59 CET 2006

Can we all agree that:

	No one likes NTSC (Never Twice the Same Color).

	No one likes 30000/1001.

	Lots of source material was recorded with NTSC and 30000/1001
	so we are stuck with it.

and instead, think about:

>   Instead it looks like pix_fmt conversion in ffmpeg has a bug.
>   Basically, when I try the following:
>   $ ./ffmpeg -i /tmp/checkerboard_3x3_%d.png -pix_fmt yuv411p -f yuv4mpegpipe test.yuv
>   The test.yuv seems to be a solid black, even though no encoding is performed
>   on a raw video. 
>   When I use png2yuv to convert your pattern to the test.yuv and later
>   on use test.yuv for DV encoding everything looks fine.

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