[Ffmpeg-devel] Some other questions about swscale integration

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu Jul 27 17:20:53 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I updated my patches for using swscaler in ffmpeg, and I have them
working again. I'll send them tomorrow so that interested people can do
some testing.

In the meanwhile, I am sending the remaining part of the libswscale
patch (the one enabling libswscale to understand ffmpeg's pixel format
names). I think I integrated all the comments I received... Is it ok for
being committed?

I also have some questions:
- ffmpeg, ffplay, and output_example must be able to compile either when
swscale is enable and when it is not (by using the "old" libavcodec's
img_resample() and img_convert()).
To achieve this goal without introducing too many "#ifdef"s, some time
ago I added some "swscale emulation" code in libavcodec/imgresample.c.
But now I am not sure if this is the best solution... I see three
	1) introducing a lot of "#ifdef SWSCALE_ENABLED" in ffmpeg.c & 
	   c. (I do not like this solution)
	2) move the swscale emulation code in a new library (let's say, 
	   libswscale-emu) that is linked only when libswscale is not
	3) leave that code in libavcodec/imgresample.c, where it 
	   currently is
I thing solution 2) is the best, but I'd like to hear other opinions.

- Does swscale work if compiled as a shared libary?
I think someone said it does not, but... Today, during some tests I
mistakenly compiled a shared libswscale, and linked it... And the
resulting ffmpeg seemed to work! (ok, I tried a simple rescale without
colorspace conversion, I do not know if it is expected to fail)
This is scaring me, because it might mean that my tests are not
reliable :(

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