[Ffmpeg-devel] flv flash 9 realtime xvid decoder

:: Gerd Hilgemann / Onlinelib.de :: gh
Thu Jul 27 15:07:21 CEST 2006


first, please excuse my english :)

short story:
this is gerd hilgemann from onlinelib.de. we develope before some month ago
a flash streaming server for flv files.

you can see it in action here: http://mediacenter.onlinelib.de

as some guys already know its not possible to encode
live streams in with the flash 8 included vp6 codec. the flash player
is only able to encode h.263 video and nellymoser audio streams.

so i start developing a vp6-live-broadcaster
standalone application (win) that connects to our vcs server and simple send
mp3 stream (lame) and vp6 encoded frames. after i release a first demo on 
page on2 friendly "stops" us and i dont follow this cause i dont wanted to 
any illegal things with patent protected codecs.

now, 1 year later i did some simple performance test with flash 9
and it seems with the 2 avm engines flash 9 is quite fast to do
realtime decoding.

in flash 9 we have a new bytearray function and netsocket classes
that can read any type of floats,ints, double..etc.

i do some test with an "circluar buffer" and it is really quite fast.

thats what i want to do:
i want to send an xvid stream to flash 9 , decode header,frames..etc.
build in a bytearray an swf-header and decode the xvid frames in realtime
to the bitmap screen codec2 which is supported by flash. for audio i use

that is what i have done:
build an swf header realtime in flash 9
load xvid streams to an byte circular buffer
decode xvid header

please answer my questions:
1) is xvid codec the best chooice for this are there maybe other codecs 
which were "faster" ?
2) can i use xvid in commercial software ?
3) are there some developer who wanted to join the project ?

kind regards
gerd hilgemann

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