[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add to FAQ usage of image formats (otherthan GIF)

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Tue Jul 25 23:32:02 CEST 2006

V?ctor Paesa wrote:

> Hi,
>> I suspect that I'm not part of that reference, but for the record,
>> the only problems I see with the patch are two of what I think are
>> called comma splices. As problems go, they are minor enough to not
>> really bother me, and the fact that the patch wasn't readily
>> quotable (because Mozilla Mail doesn't recognize ".patch" as being
>> a text file) collides with the fact that I just woke up to leave me
>> lazy enough to not point them out.
> Please may your Grace be so kind as to review in the attached patch
> (application/octet-stream due to my stubborn Web mailer) what my
> Spanish brain (lost without clear guidance in a bewildering sea of
> English grammar) has considered a potentially acceptable manner of
> removing what has believed are comma splices.

Thank you very much; that is indeed a correct fix.

       The Wanderer

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side of it.

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