[Ffmpeg-devel] Creating T-DMB like .TS files

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman
Fri Jul 14 12:46:56 CEST 2006


The h264 multicast streams on this page are MPEG-TS T-DMB or DVB-H H264
If you are on the MBONE you might be able to receive them (ergo most  
ppl cannot).

VLC will play it, but i agree that T-DMB was not the smartest  
broadcast method ever spec.
DVB-H isn't much better btw.
It was done to avoid the need for an IP stack, but almost all  
implementations seem to fake an IP stack in between the phones and  
the DMB/DVB layer, so they might as well have used RTSP.


On 14-jul-2006, at 0:25, Nico Sabbi wrote:
> M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
>> "Maurice Tfilin" <Maurice.Tfilin at zoran.com> writes:
>>> Hi,
>>> I need to create DMB like TS file:
>>> Input: RAW H264\ RAW AAC or .mp4 file with H264\AAC
>>> Output: MPEG2-TS file, according to T-DMB spec, including MPEG4-SL
> forget it: it's the most uselessly twisted format for embedding  
> h264 and aac in mpegts;
> the same could be accomplished much more easily using the usual  
> (and simple) packetization;
> libavformat can't produce that mess, and IMHO it shouldn't even do  
> it, because there's
> absolutely nothing to gain
>> Is that spec available somewhere?
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