[Ffmpeg-devel] RT(S)P-Streaming - howto generate header ?

Jens Arm Jens.Arm
Thu Jul 13 14:24:10 CEST 2006


I have a java program which streams with RT(S)P.
It is not using mplayer or ffmpeg code.

The Problem is:
If I save the streams as they come (A+V) I have two raw (without header) files which if
I try to play them with ffplay or mplayer the file type is unknown.

If I stream with mplayer and use -dumpvideo i can play the file after.
If I now copy some bytes from the beginning of the dumped file (from mplayer)
in front of the own generated file it can be played with mplayer.

My questions are now:
-How do I generate the needed header for the raw files out of the
 infos which are coming from the stream (eg. codec/size/fps/...)? Docs? Code?
-Where can I find such code in ffmpeg and/or mplayer?
-How I generate the raw header for all possible raw audio (amr/mp3) and video (h263/...) formats
 that are streamable with RT(S)P? Docs? Code?

Thanks in advance for any help!

cu Jens

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