[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] mov fourccs for handling FCP files

Baptiste COUDURIER baptiste.coudurier
Tue Feb 14 17:57:30 CET 2006


Here is a patch to handle FCP files, which contains variant fourccs.

ftp.smartjog.net ffmpeg/ffmpeg to download samples

all samples are PAL.

DVCPRO.mov : DVCPRO 30mbit/s (can be played by ffplay, mplayer)
DVCPROHD_1080i50.mov : DVCPROHD 100mbit/s no player can handle that.
HDV_1080i50.mov : HDV 25mbit/s can be played correctly by mplayer, using

                  libavcodec and forcing video codec to mpeg2, ffplay
                  stalls after a few pictures.
DVCPRO50_PCM_24BE.mov : DVCPRO 50mbit/s with PCM 24bit (in24), no player
                        can handle that.
JPEG2000.mov : JPEG 2000 movie, no player can handle that.
IMX50.mov : IMX (MPEG2) 50mbit/s libmpeg2 can decode it correctly while
            libavcodec produces a picture but with this error :
            [mpeg2video @ 0x83bfee8]end mismatch left=298754
            [mpeg2video @ 0x83bfee8]concealing 1 DC, 1 AC, 1 MV errors

"in24" is not handled correctly in libavformat cause stsz sample_size is
1 and therefore needs a fix like for PCM_S16BE.

I hope those samples can be usefull.

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