[Ffmpeg-devel] compiling problem with x264

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Thu Dec 28 00:10:57 CET 2006

Daniel Guerrero wrote:

> I'm sorry about the language, my FC3 makes this by default.
> Yes, this means that, in spite of x264 been installed after all.
> I've copied the x264.h, x264.c, x264.o files into /tmp (it seems to
> be that the compiler is searching for them in these folder)

No, it isn't. The temporary .c and .o files used by the configure script
are located there, but it certainly does not look there for libraries
and headers unless you explicitly tell it to.

Also, x264.o is not relevant here and should not be installed in any
case; libx264.a and libx264.so are the library files.

> and in the ffmpeg root folder.

configure doesn't look there for libraries either, though for all I know
it may sometimes look there for headers.

> This hasn't helped. Do I have to install x264 in some specific place
> or with some specific options?

Almost certainly not. You simply need to actually *install* it - not
copy the files manually; just run 'make install' in the x264 source
tree. (You will almost certainly need to be root in order to do this.)
This will automatically copy the appropriate files to the correct
locations on your system. For most projects distributed as source which
I've encountered, that is what "install" means.

Also: please don't top-post. If you do top-post on these lists after
having been requested not to, you are likely to be flamed.

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