[Ffmpeg-devel] Question about parameters

Aaron Williams aaronw
Sun Dec 24 04:06:39 CET 2006

Robert Swain wrote:
> Hello,
> On 24 Dec 2006, at 01:57, Aaron Williams wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am writing a new audio "codec" which basically computes the peak RMS
>> volume for normalizing audio in another pass and am wondering if there's
>> a standard way for my codec to introduce a new parameter so I can
>> specify the RMS window size?  What is the best way for me to add this
>> parameter to pass to my module?  My goal is to use the output from this
>> to adjust the -vol parameter in the transcoding pass.
>> Sorry about my previous posting.
> Did you intend to quote yourself and reply to the old thread again to
> make this apology or do you still think you're not hijacking the
> thread with this second posting? Don't reply to a thread and change
> the subject to start a new thread. Compose a completely new mail and
> send it to the appropriate address.
> Thanks,
> Rob

I created a new thread and did not post to the old thread again. It is
in no way an attempt to hijack the old thread.  My previous posting
within the other thread was a mistake.  My new posting has no reference
to my previous posting, hence trying to clean it up and keep it out of
the other thread.

I consider the previous posting dead and will no longer respond to any
more messages regarding my mistake in posting a new thread since I would
rather see the discussion continue in a civilized and professional
manner and try and keep on the topic of ffmpeg development. 

I will repeat my question:  How does one add codec specific parameters
to the command line of ffmpeg without adding a general purpose option
and without bloating AVCodecContext with new fields not needed for other
codecs?  There are a number of parameters I wish to add for
normalization such as RMS window size, target volume, thresholds and an
output log filename.

Another audio feature I would like to add is the ability to adjust the
level of individual channels.


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