[Ffmpeg-devel] Which versions of gcc properly build libavcodec?

Paul Kerchen pkerchen
Thu Dec 14 18:48:11 CET 2006

I built a recent update (7316) from svn using gcc 3.2.2 and now I'm getting 
the "your compiler doesn't properly align stack variables" message when I 
try to encode a video stream.  Is gcc 3.2 no longer supported/preferred or 
is 3.2.2 just the red-haired step-child that doesn't play well with ffmpeg? 
Or, is there a configure option I can turn on/off that will make gcc 3.2.2 
properly align stack variables?  (I'd happily upgrade to gcc 3.4 if I could, 
but that's not an option for my current project because it must have 
compatibility with the glibc that is used by gcc 3.2). 

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