[Ffmpeg-devel] configure broken in svn?

Jaime V. inf220
Thu Dec 14 19:12:43 CET 2006

checked out 7316.
Original problem seems fixed in Ubuntu. Runs flawless.
Now i get a somewhat error in MinGW. Again when configuring.
Configure seems to work well.. but at the end get this after the last 
line of configure:

[configure options display]
License: LGPL
Creating config.mak and config.h...
sed: invalid option -- i

and after that it displays the help page of sed.
configure seems to have done its job though as i am able to compile.
also ffmpeg.exe seems to work well(tested transcoding from mpeg to avi).
Attached my config.err if anyone is interested.
Exactly the same code in Ubuntu shows no errors at all.
Actually i took the code from my linux partition, zipped it(in linux) 
and decompressed and run in windows. But i dont think that is the source 
of the error.

Interesantly: I am quite sure last time i updated svn it was 7316.
FFmpeg.exe reports to be operating on 7317 though. maybe i did a ghost 
update. :D

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