[Ffmpeg-devel] My ffmpeg manual

Daniel Guerrero daniel.guerrero
Wed Dec 13 09:25:25 CET 2006

Hello Developers and Christian,

When you talk about "two videos in one", are you talking about something
similar to H.239? if so, im VERY interested of it.

Best Regards,

Daniel Guerrero
Technical Dept.
TechnoTrends S.L.

On 12/13/06, ChaOS DNA <chaosdna at shaw.ca> wrote:
> Hello valued Developers.
> First things first: I know that this is not the 'I need help with
> ffmpeg' mailing list. I am not a newbee to ffmpeg.
> So why do I ask here? Simply because imho this is the best place to get
> an explanation for an undocumented feature. At least I have not found
> any documentation. Also, I have been taking notes on ffmpeg since early
> 2002 and am ready to put together a comprehensive manual for end user
> newcomers.
> Secondly you all deserve applause: I have seen, used and tried a
> plethora of transcoders and none of them come close to ffmpeg.
> Commandline rules. No ifs, whens or buts, it does exactly what it is
> told and is _very_ fast.
> So here it goes:
> I just noticed a flag called -newvideo : add a new video stream to the
> current output stream.
> Q1: Does this flag allow me to take 2 serial source videos and create a
> single output video?
> Q2: If so, can you please provide a sample commandline?
> Q3: If not, is there a way to join 2 videos into one? (Both are
> identical in xysize, codec, bitrate etc.)
> Thank you for your time in advance.
> Christian Knoglinger
> knoglinger.com
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