[Ffmpeg-devel] My ffmpeg manual

ChaOS DNA chaosdna
Wed Dec 13 01:52:34 CET 2006

Hello valued Developers.

First things first: I know that this is not the 'I need help with 
ffmpeg' mailing list. I am not a newbee to ffmpeg.
So why do I ask here? Simply because imho this is the best place to get 
an explanation for an undocumented feature. At least I have not found 
any documentation. Also, I have been taking notes on ffmpeg since early 
2002 and am ready to put together a comprehensive manual for end user 

Secondly you all deserve applause: I have seen, used and tried a 
plethora of transcoders and none of them come close to ffmpeg. 
Commandline rules. No ifs, whens or buts, it does exactly what it is 
told and is _very_ fast.

So here it goes:
I just noticed a flag called -newvideo : add a new video stream to the 
current output stream.

Q1: Does this flag allow me to take 2 serial source videos and create a 
single output video? 

Q2: If so, can you please provide a sample commandline?

Q3: If not, is there a way to join 2 videos into one? (Both are 
identical in xysize, codec, bitrate etc.)

Thank you for your time in advance.

Christian Knoglinger

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