[Ffmpeg-devel] Convert issue with RGB565, again

Yannick Bétemps arkhee
Wed Dec 6 12:34:28 CET 2006

>Yannick Betemps wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I followed with great interest the discussion "Convert failure with
>> It end on nov 10th, by a modification of the raw.c source file.
>> Unfortunatelly it seems I still encounter the same problem.
>> I checked out the latest version from svn and ran an conversion from
>> Camstudio compressed AVI to FLV, and from AVI to MPG, same problem :
>> has ugly colors.
>> [...]
>> Input is RGB565 and output is yuv420p
>> I tried changing the raw.c back to it's pre-nov 10th state, no change.
>> Ffplay outputs the avi file with bad colors too. I checked it on Windows
>> with a build made with a nov 24th extract.
>It seems pix fmt is RGB555, you can change it in libavcodec/cscd.c, your
>file basically camstudio codec, and not rawvideo, that's why changing
>raw.c has no effect.

I worked ! Thanks a lot, it fixed the problem.
Cscd.c : Line 223 : Changing "PIX_FMT_RGB565" for "PIX_FMT_RGB555"
However assuming the PIX_FMT_RGB565 was there on purpose, would applying the
patch to the svn have side effects ? Can this modification work in my
specific case but finally cause trouble in other cases ?


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