[Ffmpeg-devel] --enable-mingw32: Doesn't compiles

Michael Pfeiffer michael.pfeiffer
Mon Oct 10 07:12:49 CEST 2005

Martin Boehme schrieb:
> Michael Pfeiffer wrote:
>> I compiled ffmpeg after I configured it with the option 
>> --enable-mingw32 only but that failed with following error:
>> In file included from /usr/include/unistd.h:4,
>>                  from ffm.c:20:
>> /usr/include/sys/unistd.h:203: error: parse error before '(' token
>> make[1]: *** [ffm.o] Error 1
>> make: *** [lib] Error 2
>> Of course there can't be anything wrong with unistd.h and I can't find 
>> a problem with ffm.c. so what may be the reason for that problem?
>> Btw: I'm using the latest CVS version.
> What environment are you compiling this under? If you're compiling under 
> MinGW/MSYS, you _don't_ need the --enable-mingw32 flag. (AFAIK, it's 
> only needed for Cygwin... maybe?)
> What is the complete output of configure?

Yes, I'm using mingw under Cygwin and mingw is installed. configure tells me following:

install prefix   /c/Program Files/FFmpeg
source path      /cygdrive/d/ff/ffmpeg
C compiler       gcc
make             make
CPU              x86 (generic)
big-endian       no
inttypes.h       yes
broken inttypes.h no
MMX enabled      yes
Vector Builtins  yes
gprof enabled    no
zlib enabled     yes
libgsm enabled   no
mp3lame enabled  no
libogg enabled   no
Vorbis enabled   no
Theora enabled   no
FAAD enabled     no
faadbin enabled  no
FAAC enabled     no
XviD enabled     no
x264 enabled     no
a52 support      no
a52 dlopened     no
DTS support      no
pp support       no
debug symbols    yes
strip symbols    yes
optimize         yes
shared pp        no
video hooking    yes
SDL support      no
Imlib2 support   no
FreeType support no
Sun medialib support no
pthreads support no
AMR-NB float support no
AMR-NB fixed support no
AMR-WB float support no
AMR-WB IF2 support no
network support      no
License: LGPL
Creating config.mak and config.h...

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