[Ffmpeg-devel] RealAudio 14.4

mkhodor7 at yahoo.com mkhodor7
Tue Dec 13 13:50:38 CET 2005

Roberto Togni wrote:

> I'll check and eventually apply it tomorrow, but i think that most of
> this is unneeded (just check length before reading fourcc, and decide
> if file have: nothing, fourcc only, fourcc + extra crap to be skipped).
> Do you have any sample where some things other than fourcc are missing?
> Ciao,
>  Roberto

No... BTW, Actual RealPlayer ignores the fourcc in these files.  I'm 
guessing they left themselves room for future expansion, but never
used it, instead they redid the file format in the next version.  So
the fourcc is really just 'extra crap to be skipped'.

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