[Ffmpeg-devel] conveting I-frames from mpeg2 into jpeg pictures

Enrique Estalayo eeg223
Tue Dec 13 13:14:22 CET 2005

Hi all,

I'm developing a tool in which I need to extract I-frames from an mpeg2 
video file and convert them into jpeg pictures for further processing. I 
have already achieved the extraction of the I-frames, without using 
FFMPEG (although I know it's possible), but now i am not able to decode 
the extracted frames and save them as jpeg images, using the libavformat 
and libavcodec libraries.

I would like to know if there is any tutorial or similar for extracting 
the I frames and, specially, for converting those images into jpeg 
pictures. If not, I would appreciate any other ideas, solutions or 

I'm sure this problem has already being solved  by many of you.


ps: I have extracted frames with the 'ffmpeg -i test.mv test%d.jpg' 
command without any problem. I just attached this to show that the 
FFMPEG libraries in my computer seem to be correctly installed.

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