[Ffmpeg-devel] ffmpeg compilation error

igor at borovkov.com igor
Fri Dec 2 19:14:13 CET 2005


I try to
./configure --enable-shared --enable-memalign-hack --disable-muxers
--disable-demuxers --disable-encoders --disable-decoders --enable-codec=H.264
--enable-x264 --enable-gpl

make giving me following error

C:/msys/1.0/home/Blade/ffmpeg/libavutil/common.h:551: warning: static
declaration of 'lrintf' follows non-static declaration mpegvideo.c: In function
C:/msys/1.0/home/Blade/ffmpeg/libavutil/common.h:551: sorry, unimplemented:
inlining failed in call to 'lrintf': redefined extern inline f unctions are not
considered for inlining mpegvideo.c:2409: sorry, unimplemented: called from here
make[1]: *** [mpegvideo.o] Error 1


Igor Borovkov
Mob. phone: +38-067-252-66-99

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