[Ffmpeg-devel] Codec Id

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Sat Aug 13 18:03:36 CEST 2005


On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 05:01:36PM -0400, Matni, Nikolai wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to modify mpegts.c such that it does not discard private data.  I did so by adding
> to the switch statement at the end of 
> static void pmt_cb(void *opaque, const uint8_t *section, int section_len).
> This adds another stream to my AVFormatContext.  However, the stream's codec id is 
> set to 11, which as far as i can tell is CODEC_ID_SP5X.  Also, this stream's codec
> type is Audio, which is throwing things off for me, because I want to be able to identify
> this stream by its its codec type (which I'm assuming should be either UNKNOWN or DATA), or
> even by its codec id which i think should be NONE.

NONE is bad, add a CODEC_ID_PRIVATE or CODEC_ID_USER or so 
>  My private data stream currently,
> has pid 0x66, but this is likely to be different from file to file.
> If anyone has any ideas as to how I could work around this, or if not, if anyone knows where 
> in the code the codec_id and codec_type fields are set, it would be greatly appreciated.

grep/search for codec_id


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