[Ffmpeg-devel] question on submitting changes ...

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg
Wed Aug 10 23:29:53 CEST 2005


On 8/10/05, Brown, Mike <mikeb at vibephone.com> wrote:
> I've made a small change to ffmpeg to allow ffmpeg to process Microsoft WMV
> format files that contain script streams (aka command media).  This change
> allows the files to be processed but ignores the script stream.
> I'm new to ffmpeg and since the mplayer docs are offline I don't have
> information on the details of submitting changes back to ffmpeg.  If this
> functionality is of interest would someone let me know the procedure for
> submitting the changes?

Make a unified patch against current CVS:

diff -u old.c new.c > patch.diff
will for example give you a patch to go from old.c to new.c

Don't forget to re-read your patch so that you don't make some
whitespace changes.

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