[Ffmpeg-devel] question on submitting changes ...

Brown, Mike mikeb
Wed Aug 10 23:18:56 CEST 2005

I've made a small change to ffmpeg to allow ffmpeg to process Microsoft WMV
format files that contain script streams (aka command media).  This change
allows the files to be processed but ignores the script stream.

I'm new to ffmpeg and since the mplayer docs are offline I don't have
information on the details of submitting changes back to ffmpeg.  If this
functionality is of interest would someone let me know the procedure for
submitting the changes?

In addition, I've changed the default MPEG TS PIDs for a particular
application.  The mailing list archive has a couple of messages from another
person asking about adding logic to support the ability change PIDs from the
command line.  Is there interest in adding this functionality or should I
continue to modify the constants in the source?

Mike Brown
Vibe Solutions Group

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