[Ffmpeg-devel] Using ffmpeg libs in an OSS project is a nightmare

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger
Sun Aug 7 10:43:46 CEST 2005

On Sun, Aug 07, 2005 at 03:58:13AM +0300, Jan Knutar wrote:
> On Saturday 06 August 2005 09:56, Kenneth Lavrsen wrote:
> > ffmpeg is the ONLY open source project making shared libraries
> Maybe the solution would be to remove shared library target from
> the makefiles :) I think atleast Rich would be happy about that,
> static allegedly wasting less processor cycles too :)

I suggested removing dynamic libavcodec support from MPlayer several
times, but never got a majority ;-)

Reimar D?ffinger

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