[Ffmpeg-devel] video post processing filters

msk choudari call2suneel
Thu Apr 21 17:00:05 CEST 2005

Very nice mail Mr Kid,I completely agree with you. Every one may  not be an expert as people like Diego.We should encourage if possible instead of Discouraging them.
Please don't take this other way Mr Diego.

Kid OnTheWay <kidontheway at gmail.com> wrote:Nice reply Diego,

but It seems that you words are not encouraging, :-(, 

everyone is not as expert as others are in the list. Neither everyone
is following the changes since the very first day.

Although I guess, people are too busy, still I hope the people in this
list can be more co-operative. I am member of many other lists.....
and I am getting replies for even the silliest of querries.

I am not an expert to answer, the above querry, but someoe who is
working on that could have given a thought to the young boy.


On 4/21/05, Diego Biurrun wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 21, 2005 at 08:54:00AM +0530, Nagendra Rao wrote:
> > this is nagendra, a student from National Institute OF Technology Calicut,
> > India.i am having problem with postprocessing that was included in ffmpeg
> > project.i've posted three-four times regarding the same issue without
> > getting any reply hope this time some one will attend my request.
> Here's your reply:
> Buggering everybody with the same issue again and again (you sent this
> mail twice even) is not going to increase the likelihood of getting
> help, on the contrary. People are just going to perceive you as
> pestering them and you will land in their kill file before long.
> Sorry if I am sounding a bit harsh, but this is the truth.
> Diego
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