[DVDnav-discuss] [PATCH] "dvdnav_jump_to_sector" as an alternative to "dvdnav_time_search" (REV 5: combined args to structs)

gnosygnu gnosygnu at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 06:58:58 CEST 2012

> Let me know if there's anything else I could do to help get this patch accepted.
> It works for me as advertised.

Same here. I'd also like to get the patch accepted. I'm open to
suggestions from anyone. I believe I've fulfilled all earlier requests
(let me know if I missed any).

> The only difficulty I've found is that it jumps to a time that isn't
> precisely relative to the time given by
> dvdnav_get_current_time.
> This can cause the following to occur: if you want to use mplayer with
> an EDL that says "skip from second 10 to second 15" it will play to
> second 10, then instruct it to jump to 15.  It may jump to second 14
> instead.  When the player detects that it is now at second 14, it
> instructs it to jump to 15, which actually causes it to jump to 14
> (infinite loop).

If you want to forward me the IFOs, I can take a look at it.

Unfortunately, the code is not entirely precise, and it may be off by
1/2 a second. Some of this has to do with the VOBUs which are
generally in increments of .4 seconds. It could be that 1/2 a second
is causing the jump to slip from 15 to 14 seconds. If I look at the
IFOs, I can see whether or not it is an issue with the IFO or the
patch itself.

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