[DVDnav-discuss] question regarding data coming from libdvdnav

elupus elupus at ecce.se
Sun Nov 23 19:11:03 CET 2008

On Thu, 20 Nov 2008 14:27:28 +0100, Sergey 'Jin' Bostandzhyan wrote:

> From what I can see in the menus.c example app, the DVDNAV_STILL_FRAME
> event is handled (skipped). I do the same in my code, so I think that this
> should not be a problem in our case...

Well not all stillframes are signalled by a such an event. Only those where
both audio and video stop. Then again, those stillframes only happens in

> Same for DVDNAV_WAIT... I am not sure about the comment in the sample app, which
> talks about internal fifos, I guess when simply writing the data to file
> there is no additional action (aprt from dvdnav_wait_skip) that should be
> done, right?

It's sortof a small attempt to solve the problem of the discontious mpeg
streams. It will wait on cellchanges and such, but it will miss
discontinuies mid stream. So it's better to ignore it and handle it by
checking nav packets start stop times.

> I'm curious if Nico finds anything wrong in the sample file that I provided...
> Kind regards,
> Jin


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