[DVDnav-discuss] Using libdvdnav on ARM Based NAS

John boilerjt at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 00:14:44 CET 2008

> are you sure there aren't other versions of libdvd* lying around?

The only version I have ever installed on this NAS is 4.1.3.

> IIRC arm5 is a 32-bit little endian architecture (although
> it can be used as big-endian no-one ever runs it in this mode, right? ).
> I don't expect endianness problems; did you try to set some flags
> to force the necessary alignment?

This is definitely little endian and I am compiling it that way.  I'm
using a toolchain developed specifically for this device.  As far as
alignment, I did not find any ARM gcc options for alignment.

I did try setting the -mcpu amd -march options and got the same result
with the zero check errors.

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