[DVDnav-discuss] Using libdvdnav on ARM Based NAS

Nico Sabbi nicola.sabbi at poste.it
Sat Nov 22 23:18:47 CET 2008

Il giorno sab, 22/11/2008 alle 16.12 -0600, John ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I have compiled libdvdnav 4.1.3  and libdvdread 4.1.3 for my ARM based
> D-Link DNS-323 NAS (armv5tejl little endian).  I had no errors while
> compiling either library.  However, I am getting a lot of errors while
> running the menus example in libdvdnav. In the menus.c source code, I
> replaced /dev/dvd with the actual path to my .ISO file.  Here is the output
> when I run the menus binary:

are you sure there aren't other versions of libdvd* lying around?

> This ISO is CSS free.  I also compiled the same libdvdnav and libdvdread on
> my Ubuntu Hardy setup and I do not receive any errors while running the
> menus binary with the same .ISO I used on the DNS-323 NAS.  When compiling
> other code for this NAS, I've seen issues with memory alignment in a couple
> of different applications.  I'm not sure this is the issue here, but I
> thought I would let you know.

IIRC arm5 is a 32-bit little endian architecture (although
it can be used as big-endian no-one ever runs it in this mode, right? ).
I don't expect endianness problems; did you try to set some flags
to force the necessary alignment?

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