[rtmpdump] librtmp potential segmentation fault

Αθανάσιος Οικονόμου athoik at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 12:21:15 CET 2014


GStreamer uses librtmp on plugins bad rtmp and it seems that librtmp under
some schenarios it fails with segmentation fault.

Here is the description of one of the bugs related with that:

"...a crash in rtmpsrc which happens due to RTMP_Close() being
called in gst_rtmp_src_unlock() while RTMP_Read() is being run in
gst_rtmp_src_create() in another thread. librtmp isn't thread safe so this
is bad."

Is there any "safe" way to cleanup rtmp while read is going on?

Here are the related bugs:

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