[rtmpdump] cannot get ustream to send data after successful connect

Jack Zhou monkeylittle at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 16:21:25 CEST 2014

I'm trying to get the video in this ustream test page to work:


I'm now able to successfully connect but there is not data streaming from
the server back. I compared wireshark
packets with the Flasher Player that is working and with rtmpdump and find
with the Flash Player, the sequence is connect() followed by playing, like
this (IP masked):

6087 76.657003000 x.x.x.x RTMP 2267 Handshake

6111 76.898062000 x.x.x.x RTMP 105 playing()

Withe rtmpdump, the sequence is connect() followed by createStream() then

Invoking createStream
DEBUG: Invoking FCSubscribe

I tried both with and without --live option and it results are the same.

So how do I make rtmpdump issue an AMF3 command playing() like what the
Flash Player is doing?

This is the full command I use:

./rtmpdump -m 10 -C O:1 \
-C NS:rpin:"rpin.3326742789158463" \
-C NS:application:channel \
-C NN:appVersion:1 \
-C NN:appId:1 \
-C NS:loaderUrl:"
-C NS:session:false \
-C NS:media:435738 \
-C NS:rsid:"xah0iofy:9s0bpbva" \
-C NB:externalInterface:1 \
-C O:0 \
-z -v -r "rtmp://
r27640921063721-1-435738-channel-live.ums.ustream.tv:1935/ustream" \
-a "ustream" -f "WIN 15,0,0,152"  -y "435738" \
-W "http://static-cdn1.ustream.tv/swf/live/viewer.rsl:688.swf" -p "

Thanks for your help.
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