[MPlayer-users] Keeping volume between audio tracks

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Mon Mar 21 03:39:18 CET 2011

Hi Vláďa!

 On 2011.03.20 at 22:51:40 +0100, Vláďa wrote next:

> I've written a music player which uses MPlayer as a backend. But
> there is one major problem I still can't solve. MPlayer resets
> volume to maximum before each new track. I searched the internet for
> hours and tried many different suggestions but without any success.
> I'd like to use the -af volume filter, because I can set the volume
> in dB here. AFAIK there are 2 ways to set the volume to a new value:
> 1) af_switch volume=XX
> 2) af_cmdline volume XX

To set volume to fixed value (say 60%) at the track start use:
mplayer -volume 60 file1 file2 file3 ...

It's irrelevant whether you are using -af volume filter or not (though
exact result will be a bit different depending on it).

What, however, most people prefer is keeping volume at the start of next
track just as it was set at the end of previous track. This is done
automatically when you use pulseaudio and -ao pulse mplayer driver
(though probably not a solution for universal audio player).



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